August, 2018 - By Koaw

How poison ivy works (SHORT VIDEO.) This basic animation will explain how the toxic oil (urushiol) in poison ivy causes the skin to rash and become itchy.

So yes, once again I let my body be a tool for experimentation!

I created a short video on how the urushiol, or the toxic oil in poison ivy, causes our skin to rash and itch. The longer video includes the short video's content and also includes an experiment where I tested out a few washing methods (common bar soap, isopropyl alcohol, and sodium bicarbonate or baking soda) and a few anti-itch remedies (zinc oxide ointment, calcium bentonite clay mask, and hydrocortisone steroid cream.)

Check out the videos. Cheers! -K

What remedy works best for POISON IVY? I rubbed poison ivy all over my legs to test washing methods and anti-itch remedies. We'll also cover some basic HOW POISON IVY WORKS science (AKA the urushiol oil) and have some fun learning how to identify it from harmless species outside. Cheers!