February, 2019 - By Koaw

In the UK, about 30 miles south of London, I saw two green birds flying with long tapering tails. I did not believe that they were indigenous to the British Isles. I did some research. Turns out, a whole lot of rose-ringed parakeets, a species of parrot, live in the UK.

I tracked down a good deal of them in London, in Kensington Gardens and made an enjoyable video. Within the video you will find the exact spot to find them (or just check the map below) as well as many cool facts about the invasive Psittacula krameri.


This is the exact spot that many, many parakeets in London will congregate. Have fun! This map is created by the Royal Parks and modified by Koaw. The original can be found here: https://www.royalparks.org.uk/parks/hyde-park/map-of-hyde-park