September, 2018 - By Koaw

Last year was a marvelous year for me. Love happened upon me and I was able to further explore and learn about the world.

While I was in Peru, I met a wonderful woman who was quite captivating. After learning more of her, love compelled me to quickly return to Peru to be with this woman. Our love flourished as we spent much time together, a good deal of which was spent in a marketplace called Tupac. This is where I met the fascinating dogs that operated under their own set our rules. By the time I left Peru, I had much video of these 'Dogs of Tupac.'

 Alas, sometimes love is not enough. Although she and I are no longer together, the experience of such love, as well as to see the idiosyncrasies within that marketplace, made that epoch of my life beyond special and rewarding.

Anyways, enjoy the video - cheers!